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On student life

tonight, around 00:05AM, I came to realize that there might be a resource conflict coming up – I was still sitting in the bureau; not quite finished yet, but catching the last train on the other hand had a pretty exciting touch to it as well. So I left early.
Coming home, I powered down my iPod at the entrance and was instantly greeted by that kind of Deathmetal that let’s you fear the wrath of all norsk gods at once. Walking into the house was like entering a near perfect chaos – the sonic disturbance somehow disarranged just about everything in the kitchen and living room. Where there once has been a table waiting in availability for someone to see fit and share a plate for a decent meal, there were only beer cans, vodka bottles and the remainder of several cigarette boxes.
Since my evening was spoiled concerning matters of any reasonable socialisation due to the advanced time of day and my recent lack of listening to my ears bleeding their way to Tinnitus, I joined in for a cheese sandwich, a beer and a couple of songs all sounding like “Death in Fire” before going back to my nerdy compelling life and some episodes of “The Big Bang Theory” before falling asleep dropping dead for at least 4 hours prior to going back to work.

Annotation: Recently I kinda struggled with the problem on how to nourish myself effectively while not getting broke at the same time. The day before yesterday for example, I spent 40CHF on lunch and dinner alone. Yesterday on the other hand, I probably solved the matter completely in buying a trail mix which got me from lunch at 12PM until 00:00AM without any hassle at all – I even felt more awake and open to productive thinking. And for final reasoning, a trail mix even conforms to Fruitarian lifestyle which is a definite plus(not implying that I can live up to this standard in any mentionable way). Further testing is definitely needed.

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