First installation troubles (Solaris)

Various small problems

VIM / Cursor Keys
If you wonder why VIM keeps writing ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’, ‘D’ on your screen when it is supposed just to move the cursor in writing mode, the answer is that the cursor keys are not being mapped the right way. The solution is to extend your favourite .vimrc file with:

map! ^[OD ^[h
map! ^[OC ^[l
map! ^[OA ^[k
map! ^[OB ^[j

“/usr/ucb/cc: language optional software package not installed”
/usr/ucb/cc is only a wrapper to a real C compiler. Solaris 10 won’t have a C compiler preinstalled, normally. This means that you will have to install it yourself (Sun Studio would be a good idea, too). All you have to see to then is that your PATH is set correctly; meaning that /usr/ucb is either deleted or after your real compiler.

“WARNING: loghost could not be resolved.”
That’s because your syslogd doesn’t have a defined host to work on. To fix it simply add “loghost” to your entry in the /etc/hosts file       localhost loghost

“Sendmail: My unqualified host name (domain) unknown;”
If you get this warning on computer startup, then you haven’t configured a fully qualified domain name for your system. If you don’t need a mailing system on your computer the solution is easy by simply disabling the service via:

svcadm disable sendmail

If you need a working mailsystem, there is a howto from SUN.