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Speedtest for Hackers

August 7th, 2016 — 08:20 am

If you want to do an ongoing speedtest with graphs for up- and download, forget about the web-based tools like and – those are nice if you are on mobile. Yet, when you are on a *nix machine, there’s better tooling in your Shell.

Speedtest Download

First, fire up a Terminal and start `nload` to view network traffic. If you are on macOS, you can also use the graphical tool ‘activity monitor`.

Then, in a second Terminal, start a permanent upload or download with the following commands:


ssh "cat /dev/urandom" > /dev/null


cat /dev/urandom| ssh "cat > /dev/null"

Note that depending on your `ssh` configuration, you might need to disable compression on the client or server side.

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org-mode capture template for code snippets

May 1st, 2016 — 12:06 pm

This code sets up three capture templates – for todos, media urls and code snippets (lines 4-7).

%? sets the exit point for the template, %^g prompts for a tag, %^{language} prompts for the language of the snippet and the remainder is boilerplate to create an org-mode entry (*) and an org-mode snippet (#+BEGIN_SRC\n\n#+END_SRC).

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Prison Breaks’ T-Bag also played in TNG S01E11!

December 31st, 2015 — 09:53 am

I just had a fun moment when I realized that Robbert Knepper alias T-Bag of Prison Break also played the soon to be husband of Counselor Diana Troy in Star Trek – Next Generation in Season 1 Episode 11.

That’s how I remember him:


And here he is, acting as a too nice to be true doctor called Wyatt Miller at his wedding reception:

Wyatt Miller

Of course, there’s still trouble (remember, William T. Riker likes Diana, too!). And yeah, in his future T-Bag psycho style, he drives Riker off.

t-bag vs ryker for diana

And he get’s the best of Diana who until this point was uncertain about her feelings for her future husband Wyatt. I can’t remember Riker ever kissing Diana on TNG.

t-bag gets diana

And now for the spoilers. Wyatt, since being a small boy, has been dreaming of a particular lady. He always believed it would be Diana, because she’s a Betazed. However, having met Diana, he now knows that they look very different and she’s not the one. Just minutes after his first kiss with Diana, this dream lady shows up – in a vessel carrying the last 8 remaining people of a species that killed itself with a lethal virus. It turns out she has also been dreaming about him for all her life and for the last 30 years or so they have been searching for him. Being a doctor, he stuns the transporter engineer, beams over whilst ignoring the lethal virus, finds his true love and sails away in the sunset of certainty that he will cure the virus before everyone will be dead.

t-bag and ariana

Finally the old Status Quo has been achieved after all. Riker sets a new course and the Enterprise warps to the next episode full of surprises!

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