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Sun RAY with PS2 Keyboards

SUN Ray with PS2 keyboards
If you want to hook up a Sun Ray at home, you might want to use your favourite old PS2 keyboard attached via some USB connector. Depending on your keyboard layout you might be disappointed by the result, because it will be standard US. That’s because the PS2 keyboard isn’t designed for the Ray clients and won’t prompt back a valid layout to the server which will then assume a standard scenario.
There is a simple solution to this problem; in the file “/usr/openwin/etc/keytables/keytable.map” edit the entry

6      0       US6.kt

and rewrite it to your favourite layout(British English in this case)

6       0      UK6.kt

There is one drawback however; from this point on this is going to be the single standard fallback layout for all keyboards hooked via SUN Ray clients to your server which won’t report a valid layout themselves. So if you want to use different layouts on different clients you might want to check the xkb option in “/opt/SUNWut/bin/utxconfig”, which I haven’t done until now.

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