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Frozen Weekend

Everything began with a bad conscience concerning my decision to stay at home this weekend – for the sake of me finally getting rid of the flu as well as my bad throat..
Friday started out somewhat bad; it was the first day in years that I forgot my iPod which I could have lived through without too much hassle, because Swiss public transportation offers a lot of entertainment in form of misc. print media, but my bus just wasn’t at the station when I arrived – instead of waiting 20 minutes, I chose to walk myself to the bureau; and I even managed to score against the bus(I arrived approx. 10sec earlier).

Frozen to the bone and suffering from the effects of Swiss winter, I thought this probably was the worst part and things would get better now. Well, at least I had good spirits(;

In the afternoon, I figured, it could prove to be a good idea to leave work “early”(only working seven hours instead of nine, while my contract says I should only work five and a half..), because I wanted make several calls related to my previous post.
It probably would have been a good idea; if only the earlier trains wouldn’t have crashed and left me waiting hours in siberian frost – at least I had the chance to walk the last mile.. Of course I was terribly late for my phone calls and wasn’t able to do one of them, but I still had hopes to achieve my primary goal: getting healthy again.

Friday evening was pretty standard – I found myself listening to a couple of women talking about their previous or current boyfriends; so nothing special. But unfortunately it didn’t stay this exiting numbing for too long – Saturday I awoke to a more or less frozen room; I was wondering on the whereabouts of icicles.. To make the long story short: my commune that I just moved into has run out of oil!

Proving myself to be a quick study I searched the whole building for electric heaters that I installed on the first and third floor. Since there are only two heaters and we were three people, I shared mine with my direct neighbour. Accidentally just when the rooms were starting to feel hospitable(while wearing winter clothes..), the electricity fluctuations of this kinda old building kicked in and killed my fuse..

So there I was: cold, in the dark, unconnected..

And finally for those of you who were just bored enough to keep on reading – the funny part: Just as I finished permuting all 40 well documented fuses to bring the light back into my and my two housemates lifes, one of the girls (who just found herself a new affair the night before) asked me whether I could manage to spare my fuse to feed the second floor, so that she was able to fuck more comfortably later on.

At last a picture of myself coming home from work today, waiting for the temperature to rise across the 10C mark. At least I have myself and my cold – not to mention the newly found profound connection to my inner self: The will to live!

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