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Juno on Solaris 10

Juno is an incredibly lightweight webframework. Using Python as backend, it fullfills my very need for just about every small application I want to deploy against the web. It has no need for big runtimes on the server, no files to configure a great many files and most importantly: there’s no coding overhead – the programmer defines only the distinctively wanted features.
However, installing Juno on Solaris 10 isn’t quite as easy as described in Junos’ documentation. Solaris ships with Python 2.4, but Juno depends in Jinja2(a templating engine) which itself depends on Python 2.5+. Even installing Blastwave’s or Sunfreeware’s version won’t help. But that’s no biggie since compiling your own Python is incredibly easy.

  1. Get, compile and install Python (I have used version 2.5.4)
  2. Get, compile and install Setuptools

  3. Get, compile and install pysqlite
  4. easy_install install sqlalchemy
  5. easy_install jinja2
  6. Get, compile and install Juno


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