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Some GForge automation

There is no automated way of moving tracker items in GForge. Each item has to be moved by hand. I just wrote an iMacros script to automate this task, which has saved me and a friend a whole day of clicking repetitively.

You can find this script on github: https://github.com/preek/gforge-mass-move-tracker-items

Why we needed this: When you implement a new custom workflow in a legacy GForge environment, it is best to do so in a template. Every new project can then be cloned from it.

Unfortunately old projects will not get updated. You have two choices now: One is to repeat enforcing the workflow on every project (which is a tedious task and can easily take up to a day). The other is to make a new tracker which is cloned from the template. Then you can move your tracker items from the old tracker to the new one. Voila, you got the new workflow rules applied.

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