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Crossing the 5am mark again

while I should be getting up at somewhere around 6am – or even better right now. At least if I wanted to nurse my morning workouts, which I probably should – thinking of my carelessness of the past month.

It’s been a couple of days since I gave myself the chance to post; merely because I’m running in a range of three and four hours a day concerning sleep this deathlike stone-mode, already. Fortunately so much has happened in the past days alone that I can forgo my unwillingness of not writing any non-dedicated posts whatsoever, but consolidate at least a few impressions.

Yesterday I was talking with a dear friend of mine about a magazine she would love to publish, but felt herself in no condition to do so. Since I liked her ideas very much I instantly bought her the domain bella-nonna.com while installing WordPress 2.7 in a new apache2 virtual host. This makes three Drupal and two WP installations on my Fire 280R/Solaris 10 machine already – of course my version of WP is the most archaic of them all. Well, now I’m looking forward to see her style the page and successively generate content.

The day before yesterday was pretty uneventful – until a co-worker and I decided to have some Pizza after our project marathon. Driving to the pizzeria we came to be spectators of a burning car; without any trace for a crash. And I’m not talking about a car emitting fumes; it was completely and utterly encapsulated in flames! Until this moment I didn’t realize how well a car is suited not only to combust fuel, but to also serve as such. Even more so I was impressed, because it(the petrol tank) simply didn’t blow up. Afterwards I learned that modern petrol tanks are built from plastic which melts early on – pouring out petrol nice and slow without giving it a chance to built up pressure and explode.

Considering the already advanced time, I should probably skip any more details great experiences like my weeks favourite: my second trip to Weimar or my new found love for audiobooks(see librivox.org for books that are in the public domain), the lost and re-found ring, the first excel sheet I’ve ever done(“I won’t ever need office – I’m in computer science”..) or the fact that I have accumulated over 7 days overtime in only 14 days of work..

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