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Bought some gum – for the week to come

Just couldn’t resist. I saw them, I needed them. All!

Actually I only went shopping after lunch, because the former CD-case ice scraper of my dear friend Falko just wasn’t up to the job of repeatedly removing the Arctic Swiss nights remainder from his car and he wanted to buy a new one. Accidentally Migros isn’t the place to go for such needs, but the time spent wasn’t in vain after all.

While standing in line on the cashpoint, I realized that my former habits of buying gum wouldn’t concur with my habitual habitual consumption thereof.

For your better understanding I included all needed information in a gum-flow-chart:


Not to forget the decadence-factor: Swiss prices(25CHF for gum)

Update: a co-worker and friend of mine wrote a spontaneous nice poem using all colorful flavors of Skai gum and gave me permission to publish it here. What I really like most about is that I just recently learned about the stylistic device Homeoteleuton – and she’s using it all the time. Incredible.

"Spearmint, coolmint or peppermint could all be a hint..
the detail might be found in the Fruit cocktail,
cinnamon is too common,
and if you feel like a bird
you might want to roost with the air boost,
let's chew Fantastic Berry and Cherry
and we will feel merry:-)"

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