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Some doctors like to commit assault

The other day I called my grandmother, because she should have received surgery on her eyes yesterday. Four months ago she went do a specialist, because her eyes started to produce tears all the time while they felt sore and her eyesight decreased rapidly. After a first try of some drops that didn’t work she was given an appointment for surgery.

Yesterday my grandparents went to the clinic; my granny was brought to the operating room where she was given anaestesia. After waiting about half an hour, some unknown doctor emerged from the door and – without giving his name – went through some papers which seemingly brought him to his conclusion “There’s nothing to do here.”. While the nurse looked puzzled, she didn’t offer any real help in this strange situation at all. She only asked my granny if she could stand up by now. Confused my granny asked why nothing has been done, but received no answer. Instead she was kindly asked to leave now – with the really promising information of “If it get’s worse, please come back.”

To say the truth (without swearing) I find what has happened gross and disgusting! My granny can’t see well and even started not wearing her glasses, because they make her eyesight even worse – she even has been ordered not to buy new glasses until the surgery was completed, because it would bring that much improvement on itself. And counting that she is suffering from lethal lung cancer and every month is therefore very precious, I can’t help, but feel the anger rise up in me when I think of this incompetence.

Since she was given anaestesia – even if it was only locally – and then thrown out without any explanation(even though she tried to ask several times) while she wouldn’t even be told the name of this strange doctor, I think of this scenario as being assault and I will therefore take legal action.
Be prepared, Mr. X, I’m coming for you!

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