Who is joining me for the Zurich CityRunning half-marathon in February 2014?

Starting today, there are 17 weeks left until the Zurich CityRunning half-marathon on 23.02.2014 – more or less the perfect timeline for setting up a solid training schedule.

The last time that I actively aspired to go for a half-marathon has been six years ago. Since I couldn’t go for personal reasons (I was registered, though, and was completely ready), now is the time to get back into the saddle and just do it^^ Anyone out there who wants to join me?

More information on the half-marathon itself: http://marathons.ahotu.com/race/cityrunning-halbmarathon-21-1-km

Here are my last two workouts as a baseline from where I start. I think Endomondo measured wrong, however. I should be more like 5:35min / km on that distance. That is unless Matcha and Dubstep equal fire(; Usually I run without tea or music.



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2 Responses to “Who is joining me for the Zurich CityRunning half-marathon in February 2014?”

  1. Luca

    Hey Alain

    I’ll join you together with Chris and Martin.
    Hope we’ll be able to keep up with you ;)


  2. Alain M. Lafon

    Hi Luca

    Great to hear the three of you are also going to participate. I have teamed up with my good friend JC from invisible.ch and we are running four times a week now, following a plan.

    That’s what we old farts have to do to keep up with you young and agile folks^^

    Maybe we can go for a run sometime together.

    All the best to you and enjoy the training. Looking forward to join the half marathon together^^