Business cards draft #1

A first draft of my new business card including a test print at the local copy shop.It’s not finished yet. People won’t get from it what dispatched is ought to do.

Many thanks to my great designer Katrin from


[imagebrowser id=12]

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6 Responses to “Business cards draft #1”

  1. Samantha

    You might try including your title or job on their also if its relevant. Love the design though!

  2. Alain M. Lafon

    @Samantha dispatched is a startup freelance company. Whilst there are other freelancing ressources that I can access, I would be the chief executive. But since we are still small and just about to set out with bigger contracts, the title CEO would just be overkill.

    Is there any good way of saying maid-of-all-work?(;

    Great that you like the design^^ Since business cards are your compartment, do you see a chance of printing it on PVC?

  3. Samantha

    We have a 12pt RPVC stock that can be printed on our digital printer. Is that what you are looking for?

    I would just put owner on your card. I am assuming that you started the freelance company, what type of work do you do?

  4. Samantha

    Just glanced through your Web site, and it looks like you are located in Switzerland?

  5. Alain M. Lafon

    Yes, RPVC is what I meant – I didn’t know it by that name. Thank you for letting me know. I wonder what you have to do design-wise to get a business card like My designer has not yet done such a thing.

    Putting “owner” on the card might be a good idea, indeed. Thanks for the advice, Samantha.

    I started the company. Most of our work is not to be seen on the website, because we were working in stealth mode.

    We’re doing a wide variety of works – from webdesign (currently working on a custom wordpress template, to high performance backend software (unfortunately another stealth project right now) back to web and GUI applications. But we’re also hosting applications, websites and e-mail. Most software or design a customer might need, we can do(; We’re always looking for the more interesting projects to tackle.

    And yes, I am residing in Switzerland. But we’re also doing a lot of work in Germany in the Stuttgart area.

  6. Samantha

    That card looks like a clear plastic compared to the RPVC stock. You might try searching for companies that print plastic business cards.

    Unfortunately, we are located in the US and it would cost and arm and a leg to get product shipped to you. But we are more than happy to help you out. Good luck with all your ventures, sound like y’all will be a successful business!