Screw it

In a recent night, I really, really wanted my Macbook C2D to be less noisy. Even though it is not my primary workstation the permanent high-pitch humming made it near impossible to get any decent work done.Thanks to it took me a mere 2h to disassemble, clean and reassemble my MB. The process taught me a decent humbleness before those who do this for a living – this computer is definitely _not_ built with frequent modification in mind.

If only I had found a any dust to clean out, the work might have been worth the effort. In the two+ years of heavily working with the MB (also in potentially “dirty places” like couches, beds and cars [pun intended]), there was close to no dirt accumulation. Either that’s due to a really good design or I can easily start to mess my apartment a little more up.

Anyway, two screws will never find their way back into the MB. One is lost due to the bolt thread being fragged by unscrewing, the other I just forgot to put back to where it came from. Well, what good (or bad) can such a tiny screw do?

At least the MB hasn’t become louder in the process.

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