posterous – a first glance

For quite some time my blog has been drained of new posts. Instead I was working harder on the Twitter/Facebook timelines, which in itself brought new trouble: Information is not always(altough often) at its best when squeezed into 140 characters. Even when combined with Twitpic and the like those make a poor substitution for a quick and good blog post.

But how to overcome this gap? I don’t want to go back to using only WordPress – only to manually copy the posts to the micro blogging platforms. Also, I find the interface too bloated for many tasks, these days – it just feels oldish and slow. I want a sleek and fast interface to a decent blogging engine – and I want that information to be automatically spread ubiquitously on all my streams. And most of all – I want that information to be at least backuped on my server. I’m a little self-aware on that aspect. Some call it old school, but anyway – I want my data to be available on my server if possible. Not for privacy reasons, I just don’t want to lose my work when my preferred external service closes down.

To the rescue comes posterous! The interface is as straight as can be – just write an e-mail to and there goes the new blog entry. Also posterous pushes this information to a vast pool of available services, including my own WP installation, Twitter and FB.

As a goodie, I have completed the needed setup in less than an hour – including a well fitting address for my new personal aggreator:

I know this setup is new to me, so saying “I have fallen in love” might seem premature to the astute reader, but I know myself: I not only like e-mails, because they are sleek (plain text), performing (fast) and organizable (GTD), but I simply love the concept of e-mail. My first “serious” web-application was a webmailer written in CGI/C, my favourite mail client has been mutt/vim for a long time and my personal servers always feature smtp/imap/wemail. I like to invest my time in mail.

Hence: posterous, here I come! May a new era of flowing information begin. I’m looking forward to it.

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