The Apple Insider Myth

A co-worker just walked up on me and told me the great success story of his new Apple product: The Apple Mybook NAS.

Probably you are now wondering like I did. Let me re-tell you the story. It went like this:

“Yesterday I bought the the Mybook NAS (*cough* Mybook? Why didn’t I get the memo from Apple, I thought I read the news..). It’s such a great product! It worked out of the box, no strings attached – and even using Windows (note: which is of course the only OS he uses)! I even use the built-in backup mechanism – there was only a little trouble, because I wanted to use it on my second computer as well, but it didn’t ship with a second licence. But Apple is quite nice, after my complaint they sent me another key right away (*cough* Licence keys for Timemachine instances?..). However, my new Apple Mybook NAS works so great, I now consider becoming part of the family and buy myself a Mac. Of course I will install Windows XP, because I consider that to be the better OS.”

This is how the story went. If you wonder what the new Apple Mybook NAS looks like, I took the liberty of asking him for a picture. Enjoy(;

The new Apple Mybook NAS
The new Apple Mybook NAS

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2 Responses to “The Apple Insider Myth”

  1. Patric

    True story! And I was the guy who told him something about this NAS before… this … Apple… NAS. ;-)

  2. Alain M. Lafon

    @Patric: Hilarious! Sad thing only that you came late to work today and didn’t live through that strange experience.

    It was, of course, legendary!