Not quite there yet


Not where I wanted to get to; not at all. And it even got worse.

Stats 2009 as of today: Completed runs: 0
Completed other workouts: 0
Engaged in other sweaty activities whatsoever: 0
Overall accomplishment: 0

At least some of those stats I should be able to do something about, shouldn’t I?

At the end of 2008 I really needed to find a new place to live(leaving me little time besides work), plus there was snow everywhere, so I believed myself to be excused from doing something useful with my body. 2009 began as a disaster – after not partying at all and reading in my bed when everyone else was having a blast, I awoke on 01.01.2009 completely out-of-order – neither could I speak, nor could I do anything but moan where this lapse might have come from. In the weeks to come, I still suffered the consequences of I-Don’t-Know-What.. while today, I finally reached the most stupid of all potential alibis: I’m working late each day.
Since long I began to feel the consequences. Living the natural life of a nerd(while true do { for (int i=0; i<10; i++) { Keyboard.type(; } Mouse.move(0,5);; Mouse.move(0,-5); Voice.moan(Sound.type("grumpy")); Voice.swear("xxx Windows xxx!!"); Position.lean_back(); Position.fold_hands_behind_head(); sleep 3; Hands.tap(); sleep 10; }), I already lost 8lbs and my back started to hurt last week.

I really have to improve on my daily routine. To say the truth, it really has been great before I moved; but it seems I have to invest into taking care of myself more properly. “What good is everything else if my health keeps degrading?” is what I should have in mind more often.


Besides all of that: How is it that I saved petrol while jogging? Well, I won’t argue. Actually this might really come in handy some time – can I cash it out or do I receive a bonus card for the gas station?

Anecdote: Why wouldn’t load in Windows/Firefox? If I’m staying late at the bureau, I should at least be able to do something useful in the meantime..

Update: Wrote it, went to the station and realized that sprinting half a mile to catch the tram certainly felt different a couple of months ago. If I remember it correctly, I even was registered in the half-marathon of Stuttgart last year – and if upcoming events and circumstances wouldn’t have kept me awake the night before, I probably would’ve run it in well under 1:50h, I think. But who knows – these days my body feels more like wreckage than a highly tuned apparatus and thinking of the “old” days certainly doesn’t help..

Anecdote: Tonight, there was a storm of up to 100mph which (due to the achievements of modern technology; i.e. houses) I wasn’t aware of until this morning when I drove to work whilst seeing just too many things blown away – barriers, garbage cans, whole trees and.. motorcycles. This is why I really had a bad feeling all day; about coming home and finding mine lying helplessly on the streets, but lucky me – I must be doing something right that everything else fell, but not my bike(:

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