Last man standing

These days I find myself most often to be the last guy coming to work – but I would like to think that this somewhat correlates with the circumstance of me being as often a subset of the last people to leave the bureau in the middle of the night later hours of the day. Thinking of my personal matters right now, I should probably start cutting back on hours, find myself a nice flat and take care of some social issues.

Before arriving at my temporary home at 9:30pm yesterday again, I have consolidated about 18 papers full of random to-dos onto only three pages while finding solutions for several of the beforehand penned down problems.


Obsolete by consolidation

Considering I start to look this fucked up when working too many hours, I really have to cut back. But still – this picture is featuring my two new best friends: Jean-Luc(the label is Picard, so there really was no choice of not naming my new companion after the captain of NCC-1701-D) and my headphones(Koss Porta Pro) which both deserve a special feature on gefechtsdienst for the sake of making my life joyous(;

Weary man in near empty tram enjoying his trip home

Weary man in near empty tram enjoying his trip home


  1. Today I got hold of some information which might concern you, my dear and most precious reader, too. Google found a gap(or if you want to call it void) in the space-time-continuum. You can observe it using Google Street View: NE Summit Dr, Blue Springs, Jackson, Missouri 64014

    Gap in the space-time-continuum

    Gap in the space-time-continuum

  2. The day before yesterday Steffipunkt announced in Twitter and on her blog that already being a Vegetarian, she would improve on her Karma in trying to live a vegan lifestyle as of tomorrow(which accidentally already has become yesterday in the meantime..). I was full of joy to have randomly found such a nice post in between all this blabber on the web and then rejoiced when she wrote a new post today in which she summarized her first experiences. Even if it might seem a struggle at first, I wish her all the luck and look forward to be kept posted(;

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  1. Veronika

    Jean-Luc a l’air vachement trop cool (;

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