Early final version

I just finished revising my interim layout. But still.. there will be a lot more work to be done in the future.

Right now I probably won’t have the spare time to write a lot of interesting techie-articles, since I’m working fulltime as application programmer/intern and having trouble on a couple of personal matters. But that won’t keep me from having some interesting projects on the side; actually my work has been mostly in Python and Ruby on Rails where I made a nice prototype which has confirmed the capability of Rails in a legacy environment to me and my direct superior.

Being able to use my newly advanced skills in Rails, I’m working on two nice projects with my dear friend AndrĂ© from versatilemind.com. As soon as there are any beta releases, I suppose we will start talking about them in the open – they might stir some public interest if we do a good job implementing our ideas.

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