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VIM to write mails in Thunderbird

While at work, I have to use Windows. Since Windows doesn’t ship with a decent mail/calendar solution (nope, Outlook doesn’t qualiy – keywords “winmail.dat” and “ics support” should trigger your memory), I had to build a custom setup.

Thunderbird is a good basis and does the job well. It’s sleek and has good IMAP support. Combine that with plugins for VCS support, Lightning for an integrated calendar and the provider for Google Calendar, you find yourself with a decent toolset. What kept bugging me is editing the mails.  Coming from mutt/VIM, I might be biased on that one. Heck, I’m even using the Vimperator plugin in Firefox and find that it brightens each and every day.

Anyway, there is release to that pain! There’s a plugin called “External Editor” – it works in Windows as it does in real OSs and it’s actually quite a charm as you can see. You can find all you need on globs.org. Just follow the instructions and you’ll be happy.

Tips: Customize your mail view to show the feature “External Editor” or use the pre-defined shortcut CTRL+e to open your custom editor (that is VIM for me^^).

Have fun and enjoy the sweet life(;  

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