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Recap of just a very normally crazy day

Several things were more interesting today than any normal day would be. The first thing to mention is that today is the first day of my life to work for 39chf net(35US$, 26€) an hour which should have probably been the most exciting part of my day, but actually it has been far from holding that title.

One influence that covered my newly found monetary income was the fact that my best friend Falko began working at our software company just today – which is going to be a  very welcome diversification in day to day life; also because we haven’t seen each other for quite some time now. It helps that he will sit on the same table with me(;

Now I’m going to start with the real good stuff. Coming to work for the first day of the year, I came to realize in several meetings that even tough I haven’t been given the tasks until today, I am already friggin’ late in absolutely every project that I have to put up for in the future. Our marketing has promised deliveries that should have stayed in some peoples dreams just a bit longer..

The next thing I know is that even tough I am working 70% now, I found myself before 14 windows – connected to four computers at once, trying to fix that terrible mess. Where’s the catch? I already have been working constantly for nine hours even tough I shouldn’t even work six any given day..

Another catch is that now I finally reached my bedroom and it’s already 2:15AM which is kinda lame since today I wanted to sleep more than the four hours that I had the night before. And why is that? Because I hung with my new room mates; that’s why. Something about two hours passed on our first meeting on who should do what and when concerning bath, kitchen, the garbage and these things – I quit the discussion by taking into account that I’m going to hire cleaning personnel. As one might imagine we socialized afterwards and I have had the pleasure to take a first evaluation of the two dissertations my two new computer science buddies are working on; and it has been a blast. Some time has passed since I had such a deep discussion about the potential of neuronal networks, implementation of kohonen propagation, optical character recognition and pattern foretelling. The good thing about it is that soon I will have the pleasure to propagate their work in a color of deep red*mew*

All in all, this day has been great – even though I will only get something around three hours sleep now, my throat aches since a week like it is going to explode any minute while having no voice at all and I absolutely had no time to work on some very important even more time critical tasks, this has been just a normal crazy day of my life.

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