Petitions I signed today

Normally, I’m not much of a petition signing person. But looking on how this world runs, I probably should step up a bit.The petitions I signed today were:

Stop the construction of Europe’s biggest slaughterhouse

This new slaughterhouse would run at 7.5 deaths per second. Seriously, do you people need even cheaper meat? At a discounter, a chicken already costs about 2€. There
is absolutely no margin for a cruel free life or any decent quality in the “production process”. This is madness.

Stop a new animal testing lab in Malaysia

We know how cruel animal testing is in Europe. How bad will it be in a lesser developed country with even fewer laws concerning animal rights? Besides, there’s lots of proof that animal testing is not only cruel, but completely unnecessary (read for example “Doctors speak out against animal testing”).

End the brutal killing of more than 20,000 dolphins every year in Japan

Japan is known for killing whales to study them. Afterwards they sell their meat on the market. The profits therein are of course completely unrelated to their will of studying so many whales. Due to international pressure, Japan begins to slaughter dolphins instead. 20’000 a year as a new documentary shows.

As human being and a vegetarian, probably it is not only my right, but also an obligation to make this world a better place. There is no god to do it for us. And mankind itself often is incompetent or incapable of action. I, on the other hand, have the needed time and resources to do my part. I honestly feel bad for not doing enough.

I want to finish with a small side story. Today, during my tea break, a smoker came up to me and asked me what I drank. I had peppermint tea, because I’m still suffering a little from the flew. His reaction was completely gross. He said “No wonder you’re ill. You should live more hardcore! Eat more sausage and stuff. This makes you strong.”

I will remind him later this year.  In Winter he will regularly go outside to have a smoke, coughing and freezing at -10C. He is a real hardcore guy. He eats sausage and stuff.

The pigs inside the cage are brought down in groups to a space full of CO2. Taken from

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