One step ahead aka my new Mini Cooper

It’s finally time to announce at least some news: I’ve got myself a new means of locomotion – no more procrastinating and slacking, because there’s just no train when I need one(; More importantly no more driving on Swiss ice on only two wheels!

Pictures will do the proper talking, even though I have not yet been able to get a good shot in decent sunlight. I will redo these anyway when the optical modding is finished – those custom rallye stripes keep calling me at night!

It might be noteworthy that my dear friend Falko has aquired a 325i just two days after we picked up the Mini. Our ongoing quest for parallelism is still unbroken^^

auf_der_flucht_vorm_325i_a auf_der_flucht_vorm_325i_b full_blown erste_stadt_tuchfuehlung_b erste_stadt_tuchfuehlung_a mini_cooper_2

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4 Responses to “Backlog
One step ahead aka my new Mini Cooper

  1. Katrin P. Schneider

    I’m looking forward on lots and lots of awesome mini brakes
    with you honeybunny.

  2. Peter

    Falkos Wagen ist viel schöner!!!!…;)

  3. Alain M. Lafon

    Sagt das etwa der Peter mit dem … *hust* Astra und den fehlenden Radkappen? Das muß ich dann nicht ernst nehmen, nicht wahr^^

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